Le zoo ouvert de Khao Kheow célèbre le premier anniversaire de l'hippopotame "Moo Wan".

Si Racha -

The Pattaya News wishes a very happy birthday to the young hippo ‘Moo Wan’ who turned one-year-old yesterday (January 13th).

Mr. Taewin Rattanawongsawat, who is the director of the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, told The Pattaya News, “Moo Wan was born last year.” (which we covered in our media as you will see below-editor)

Reference from our prior article:

A brand new baby hippopotamus at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Si Racha got her name officially and is now called ‘Moo Wan’. (Sweet Pork).

Le nouveau bébé hippopotame du zoo de Khao Kheow à Si Racha reçoit son nom après 20 000 votes des habitants de la Thaïlande

Maintenant, pour la mise à jour :

“Children like Moo Wan. She is now the zoo’s star. The zoo celebrated her birthday with a big fruit and vegetable cake. The cake was from Moo wan’s fan club. Her mother and sister also joined in to help eat her birthday cake. Children and tourists were very happy to see her.” Taewin stated.

“Everyone is invited to visit Moo Wan and others animals at the zoo. The zoo has an SHA Plus certificate under strict Covid -19 measurements.” Taewin concluded.

Happy Birthday Moo Wan (Sweet Pork in Thai)!!!


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